Guest Post from Lisa Angelettie

One thing I know for sure is that you do not have a thriving business if you do not have highly likable and marketable content to attract lots more clients. So one of the first things that I ask my clients who have created blog articles, videos, podcasts, etc. is whether they know if their subscribers and visitors (prospects) like the content that they’re creating AND if they are actually reading it. Many people can’t ever give me a definitive answer. So here are some tips to get you the answers and results you need.

First, you need to be sure that you are creating content that your readers want. There are two solutions for this:

1. Create content that solves a problem for your potential clients
2. Create content that entertains them

Second, be sure that you are addressing the problems of prospects by asking them what they are. So you can:

1. Pay attention to customer service emails
2. Ask them to respond to your content via blog comments, Facebook comments, Twitter, etc.
3. Survey your list and ask them directly what types of content they’d be interested in (

Third, take notice if you are getting thank you emails and testimonials. People who are enjoying your content will occasionally say thank you. If no one has responded, I’d begin to question if you are creating content that is really “speaking” to your ideal client. Make sure you are:

1. Asking for testimonials. When you are working with a client and they mention a specific result they recently achieved and it’s a good one — make sure to ask their permission if you can take what they said and use it as a testimonial. Writing it for them and getting their approval is a much easier way to ensure that you get them.

2. If your VA handles customer service for you, make sure that they are forwarding all the great fan mail you’re getting. It’s good for morale and it also shows you that you are on the right track with your content creation.

Fourth, take a look at your statistics. Look at things like:

1. Your ezine link clicks. Did people actually click on the article links in your ezine this week? Make sure you take a look at your ezine broadcast stats to see. Publish enough ezine issues and you may start to see a pattern in the types of information that grabbed your readers attention.

2. Your blog stats. Take a look at your blog stats using WordPress Stats or Google Analytics and pay attention to the blog articles that received the most clicks. Of course some of these stats are influenced by the ability for people to find your content via search engines which may not exactly speak to if they liked it — so make sure to pay attention to your bounce rate as well. 

A higher bounce rate means that people are popping onto your site and clicking off. A lower one means that your site is sticky and that people are staying longer reading content on your blog.
I hope this gets you off and running on how to create more likable & readable content. 

Remember the #1 key is to actually get it done! Start implementing today. If you have any questions or comments about how to create more likable content, leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation…

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