Gaining the Trust of Your Audience as a Freelance Writer

Visitors to your blog, website or article information is important and gaining the trust of your audience is vital. Writers need visitors to content and when people are searching for your content and find it by way of search engines or links; they trust the material that they locate is exactly what they have been looking for. They trust that the writer will provide then with useful, valuable and beneficial information. Gain the trust of your audience as a freelance writer in order to succeed and build a dedicated following.

Writers that don’t provide the material people are searching for understand that the nature of the internet is that those readers will move on to other content within minutes if not satisfied. If your audience trusts you will deliver material they need or want they will be loyal to you. These readers will digest your subject matter continually and become faithful followers.

Gaining the trust of your audience as a freelance writer begins with quality content. However, there are other things that should accompany your quality content to make certain you are building and keeping that trust.
These are several techniques you can have in addition to quality content to help make that happen;

Simple and easy to navigate design/format

Simple and easy to navigate design or format is something that makes your audience happy. This goes along with your site or blog and numerous content set-ups and structures. This is especially true when writing article content.

A list of items happens to be one of the most popular reads among audiences. A list of the ten richest men in America, a list of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and it goes on and on. Depending upon your niche or format you can literally share hundreds of thousands of varying content information that is full of quality and easy to read as well as navigate.

Adding video and photos to easily structured material is ideal. Make your material easy to access and locate with keywords and phrases that work for readers.

These are a few examples of structuring easy to navigate material. Though you cannot have all of your material in a list of ten, you can review content that has gained thousands of page views and find ways to create content that is reader friendly.

Words are important

Visitors to any content material are searching for information. Serve them wisely to advance trust. Remember to use simple words and language. Avoid structuring your subject matter in one place with extremely large and polluted paragraphs and do not have large summaries or of information.  Readers don’t enjoy these and will surf to another channel as soon as possible. Make certain your purpose is met with as little fluff as possible.

To the point information is always worthy of a read and tends to attract more page views than content that takes 10 paragraphs to say what could have been relayed in five.

Telling the truth will gain you trust

Freelance writers that tell the truth will succeed in their business. Unless your business is subjective and you want to display one side to a story, such as a political opinion, try and write objectively. Give both sides to an argument or story.

Sharing truthful information is important. For example, writing reviews is sharing your opinion, but you still should share truthfully. This is a subjective view of a product or service. However, if you are writing to share information about skydiving you should remain objective and provide as much quality information as possible.  

Don’t abuse or exploit your audience

Your audience should feel they are not being abused or exploited. Don’t have your blog set up where a video automatically plays. Allow your audience to choose to play a video. Don’t send email addresses to third parties, don’t force them to buy a product or send spam emails. An audience is valuable. Share with them their value to you; don’t abuse their trust in you.

These are several ways to gain the trust of your audience as a freelance writer. Hopefully, these small tidbits of information will provide you with more fuel for the fire ignited in your writing. Whether you are writing for a website, blog or article content the trust of an audience is invaluable and will help you build a solid foundation for your material. You want to gain a reader from every visitor you receive and trust will build that bridge.