Make Certain Your Profile Picture Isn’t Costing You Writing Clients

Your profile picture is a large part of marketing for any small business and freelance writing is not an exception to the rule. Profile pictures will make a difference for a lot of clients.

Profile pictures are important and make certain you have one that is sending the right message to your clients. We have all seen some profile pictures that make us cringe or do a double take for all of the wrong reasons. Don’t allow your profile picture to hold back your writing success. Make your profile picture something you can be proud of just like your writing.

Many freelance writers are starting out on a very limited budget. A low budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to settle for a less than professional profile picture or image. Marketing your work is about clarity, visibility and connecting with clients. People want to get to know the person behind the profile.

Whenever someone comes to places such as your website, blog or social media platform the first thing they see is your profile picture. This is not a beauty contest, but if you are seeking to portray a professional image do so. Don’t imagine that you are too old, too fat or other self-bashing talk. Beauty doesn’t necessarily score you all of the points. Though, having a great profile picture may make the difference between whether or not you get the gig or the client many times.

Most professionals in the know will advise that you should use a quality, smiling photo of yourself. A headshot is best. You can use an avatar or logo if you prefer if they are tasteful. There are some definite things to stay away from when it comes to profile pictures.          

Profile picture misadventures

Blurry, dark or faraway -if you don’t have a clear picture, don’t use it. Poor quality, grainy or unclear is sending the wrong message. If you don’t care about the quality of the picture, will you care about the quality of the work you produce? No one should need a magnifying glass to see you clearly, a full body shot isn’t necessary

Your child as your profile pic-of course your child is cute. However, people will sometimes believe that your child is actually a picture of you.  Clear up any misconceptions and don’t use your child’s picture.

Anything that anyone may find offensive-any image that someone may find offensive is not appropriate for this platform. If you are not sure whether or not to use it, don’t use it. You chugging a beer is not what gets you clients for income

Your dog or cat-animals are cute, but this is not the professional image to portray. If you are writing for a website or blog for this niche, there is no problem with using these pics otherwise don’t

Sideways or cropped wrong-again this may show the wrong impression. If you are too lazy to fix your pic, why should I hire you? fix it or exchange it for another

Don’t take yourself too seriously-research has shown that smiling profile pictures work best. Don’t try to appear serious and “business like”. Smile and let your personality shine.

No picture profile-this is an internet insult. Put up a picture, logo or avatar. No picture also speaks to laziness that may not actually exist.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Allow your clients, social media network and readers see who you are and put up a profile picture that helps you show them some insight into the writer behind the words.