Writing for a Translation? Consider BeWords

Have you received a request from a client to write for a translation? They need a client that can freelance write an article or other content for them from another language to English or from English to another language. If you happen to be proficient in more than one language, that’s terrific. However, if you aren’t what are your options?

One option that you can use is find a translator or interpreter. Outsource or subcontract your job to another client and get the work done. Depending upon the client and the pay this may not be such a bad idea. http://thewritestuffpenandpaper.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-you-know-if-you-need-to.html 

Many freelance writers may consider using the translator in your Word Doc application for Windows or using a free translator found online. However, this may not be the best idea. Many of these types of translators may translate a text word for word. For example, if the first sentence has seven words in English, the output from the online translator tool will also produce seven words in Spanish. Language doesn’t always work that way.
There may be times when a language doesn’t translate word for word to another language. There are different meanings and nuances depending upon what language is being spoken or written. The same sentence structure and vocabulary rules don’t apply with different languages. For instance, there may be a word in German that has no matching word in English. You may need two or three English words to display or relay what the one German word meant. Did you use it correctly since it may have had two meanings?

Some writers may try to “muddle” through writing for a translation. Are you hurting the article and not delivery quality and informative content? Will your client be pleased with the work you are submitting? Consider these things and decide if you may be better off outsourcing this work to a company or writer that can provide the best possible translation and information for your material.

If you aren’t comfortable outsourcing your work to another writer, how about a company that provides that service? There is a terrific company that provides that service for you it’s called BeWords. BeWords is an online service that helps you find, meet and work with translators. They provide approximately 6000 translators along with over 1000 interpreters from 90 different countries. Whatever language you happen to need translation services for, you can surely find them at http://www.bewords.com .

If you are considering accepting a translating freelance writing job and outsourcing the translation services, consider working with BeWords. Make your content the best it can be writing for a translation. Remember, you name is on the line with every client and job you do. Put your best foot forward. 

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