Follow Up for Sponsored Tweets

Occasionally I will try and post follow ups to services for freelancer writing devices, tools or websites that I have discussed in blog post here at The Write Stuff Pen and Paper. This particular post is a follow up to Sponsored Tweets- a service I tried that reimburses you for tweeting advertisements using your Twitter account. Sponsored Tweets is an affiliate of Twitter.

I joined Sponsored Tweets over five months ago.  Signing up and joining Sponsored Tweets was done as an affiliate for a friend of mine. The sign up and starting your account is simple and easy. I immediately received requests to Tweet ads. I didn’t think that I would receive requests from advertisers as soon as I did. The Twitter affiliated Sponsored Tweets has a website that is easy to follow and a Q and A that answers any and all questions that I had related to the Sponsored Tweets program.

After almost five months my total earned is less than five dollars. For the work involved, I cannot say that I received a good return on the ratio of work to pay.

Unlike a lot of other paid for advertising programs this one is consistent in getting you ad offers. Almost daily you will receive requests to tweet an advertiser’s information. However, for your tweets you don’t receive a lot of money. Though, the program suggests that the more you tweet the more money you will make. If you find that you are a tweeter that tweets quite a bit, you can certainly make money with this program according to reviews I have seen posted on the web.

My review summary for Sponsored Tweets is as follows;
·         Easy and simple to join
·         Great website with information on the program
·         Easy to obtain clients or advertisers for the program
·         Work involved to tweet your sponsor or ads is not beneficial unless you tweet quite a bit.
·         Great investment for the above average tweeter. However, for a below average or average tweeter-there isn’t much money to be made for the work involved

If any members of my audience happen to participate in this program and would like to share their personal experience, leave us a comment and let us know what’s on your mind. This was my personal experience and doesn’t generally mean that I worked the program in the most beneficial way or there was more to the magic than what I discovered. Please share with us.

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