Negotiating a Writing Contract

I am always negotiating the web to find other websites in the writing niche that add value to freelance writers. I have discovered a beautiful site that adds value and so much more.

Exquisite Writing  is a great site with valuable information. This is an excerpt for negotiating a writing contract for freelance writers.



You’ve found the perfect freelance writer for your project, so what’s next? Get ready to negotiate. Negotiating a writing contract. It’s not enough to have verbal agreement or even an email that outlines the work to be done. To fully protect yourself and the writer, it’s important to have a writing service contract in place.
Why A Writing Service Contract?

Put simply, a writing service contract ensures that both you and the freelance writer fully understand the terms of the project, especially related to copyright. The formal term is “work for hire” and this type of contract specifies that the writer receives a fee but has no further control or rights to the material upon completion. In other words, the writer creates the material and agrees that when it’s done you own it. Period.
Common Elements Of A Writing Service Contract

There are several common elements that are usually part of a standard writing contract:

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