Downsizing…guest post by Constance Rodgers

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

When my mom and dad told you they were downsizing I was a little bit sad. They were going to be selling the house I grew up in which was really nostalgic for me, as I couldn't imagine anyone other than my family living there. Once they put it on the market though, it seemed more real, and now that they're in a new place I guess I can admit it finally happened. When they first got there, I helped them set up the new digs since they had bought a new house in decades. I researched security systems in their area and even found them a better energy rate at which helped them save a couple hundred dollars a year. My mom said they are loving living in a smaller house as is so much less to take care of and clean. I like the new place, but it will never be home, but I guess everything have to and at some point. I'm just happy my mom and dad are content once again!