What is Freelance Poker Writing?

There are thousands of online casinos that have become very popular on the internet because of the game of poker. Nothing has matched the growth and explosion of the poker industry. Poker is one of the most popular online gambling venues today.

Poker writing covers limitless topics associated with the poker industry. Many times it’s seen as a blending of more than one type of writing. You can blend journalism, feature writing, sports, entertainment, travel and technical writing to name a few.

Many would assume that freelance poker writing would be limited to simply writing about poker games. However, this has changed in recent years. The expansion of poker online has expanded poker offline and affected freelance poker writing in ways that no one could have dreamed.

The internet has spawned online writing such as blogging, poker websites, eBooks and SEO writing for poker companies and their affiliates. Poker writing is writing on information that includes the influence of poker the game, technology, psychology, law, lifestyle, money, travel , etc. Writing about poker and gaming can be limitless.

As a freelance poker writer your audience online as well as offline media outlets can turn into limitless fountains. You can sell you work to poker and gaming site, but so many other venues as well. Many freelance poker writers have a created a successful recipe that has worked.

The successful recipe is to create content that is not simply slotted into to poker niche. Develop writing content that can fit into other niches as well. You can write for niches such as trade magazines, newsletters, tourism guides, websites, blogs and other niches that can cover various subjects that may or happen to include poker. There is a market for slotted poker freelance work but you can make more money writing information for as many niches as possible.

There are advantages that you may not have considered for freelance poker writing. You can certainly write from home with the numerous online prospects for your work. People love to read what’s happening in the online poker rooms as much as what’s happening in the brick and mortar casinos found in Las Vegas and similar cities .writers capable of writing rich content for articles related to poker are in high demand in the freelance writing marketplace.

The wonderful thing about writing for poker is you can find your niche but you don’t necessarily have to remain in your niche. For example, you can write your online articles for clients as well as pick up gigs for offline content for newspapers or magazines.

Keep your options open and don’t expect gigs to fall in your lap. There are a lot of terrific freelance poker writers out there. Consider becoming one of those freelance writers, there is a lot of work to go around.

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