Online Writing Courses for the Freelance Writer in You

The Write Stuff Pen and Paper is a blog dedicated to freelance writing. In order to provide freelance writers with the tools they need to earn revenue and income from their hard work, I have dedicated a page of our blog to online writing courses for freelance writers.

The page of information for the writing courses provides free as well as courses that cost. These are courses that are in open to anyone with a computer. Some are tied to Universities while others are not.

If you have information related to an online writing course that is not found on the page, please provide that information to me and I can have it added.

Please add a comment if you have any personal experience with these online courses or similar courses. We would love to hear them if they are positive or negative.


  1. The opening to your blog is awesome. I love it. You speak the truth motivate. Way to go.

  2. Hello again! It's great finding this helpful blog. May you have many more friends, followers and support! Keep it up!


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