How To Write Better Business Writing Freelance Assignments

Learning to write and do it correctly is harder than many can appreciate. I recently read an article where a journalism major was turned away from several online article writing sites because he could not pass their online test. They advised him that his writing was well below their standards.

After writing online for a while he became aware of how much he actually needed to learn in order to write an article that was great and that many actually wanted to read.

With that being said, I will be adding writing information and how to be more effective with the basics every now and then to The Write Stuff Pen and Paper. These are great reminders for our seasoned writers and terrific for novices considering the freelance writing niche.

The website, has a wonderful article on Business Writing Tips. The site provides information on clear and concise business writing helping you to step up your game in the business writing community.

All business material should be written in a professional way which means that it should be clear, concise, and formal. Avoid technical jargon that only industry insiders will understand. Also avoid buzzwords. So what exactly is meant by clear and concise business writing? Well, clear and concise means that you should avoid:
Vague or ambiguous statements
While writing business documents you should avoid vague and ambiguous statements that the reader may not be able to understand or interpret.
Jokes, anecdotes and clich├ęs
Jokes and cliches are fine in informal pieces of writing. But in business writing these are totally out of place and should be avoided.
Unsubstantiated facts
Avoid including unsubstantiated facts in a business letter or document as these may affect the credibility of the writer and the organization.