Follow up for Website for Freelance Writers

From time to time I will do follow up articles. I typically don’t do these unless I wrote a blog to promote the use of a particular site and used the services myself.

This is a follow up to the site This particular site is continuing to grow and see the light of day. Five dollars is typically not much for a publisher to pay and as a freelance writer, depending upon what your gigs are you can make a pretty penny for pumping out your content at $5 per piece.

The cost of your content at $5 per piece doesn’t sit well with some freelance writers. However, I have discovered several clients through the site and have received long term work from placing my ad on the site.
The work is typically consistent and will come in from satisfied clients over and over again. Also, if your client has a job for you outside of the $5 or one that you must do for more than $5, you can have the $5 rule apply for a portion of the job.

For example, you may have a client that is asking for your gig but not with the same parameters.

 Your parameters are 3 articles for 300 words each for $5

You can negotiate with the publisher to writer different word count articles for $5. He may want 3 -500 word articles for $5. You can advise him that you can provide him with one 500 word count for $5. Submit your resume or links to samples of your work online. The client may go for it and he may not. However, you have not denied the client right out and you have offered a compromise. You can even advise him this is the only time you can do this type of project for this cost. If you have great work, you will continue to build up a client base and have continual work.

always thank the client for the work provided, especially if they are satisfied. Ask the client to keep you in mind for future work available and refer a friend if they have other publishers that need work.

The hope is you will attract clients for future work. Believe it or not, this does occur. Your future projects can high paid projects and have a little income while you work on gaining more revenue for your freelance career. More importantly, you are receiving practice for dealing with clients as well as building additional experience in a variety of writing niches.

At the bottom of my blog you can find my widget for jobs. You can build a writer widget similar to mine for the site or come up with your own.


As you cans see, you can post any gig (what fiver refers to jobs offered as) for five dollars. I set up one for Twitter because of the amount of publishers (fiver members that have a job they need you do perform for them )that were requesting this gig from writers.

As a freelancer that would like to outsource, you can locate some great writers on However, be careful and interview to make certain you have a writer that you can work with and is reliable to deliver the content you need. is a terrific tool for newbies and if you are not a newbie but searching for a couple of bucks in between gigs, this is the place to be.