Create a Writer's Resume

Do I need a writer's resume? You might. When applying for many freelance writing jobs, you may be requested to submit a writer's resume for a client. Basically, it's a resume for a writer. It's a good idea to have one ready.
If you don't currently have one, you may want to get started on one today. A writer's resume is a document like any other resume. If you were an engineer applying for a position and a client requested a resume you wouldn't be surprised. Therefore, don't be surprised if you are asked for one as a freelance writer. Be prepared.
Dealing with your professional experience on a writer's resume may be confusing. Your experience can be listed on the resume. As an alternative to an employer's name indicate self-employed freelance writer or blogger (if you are a copy writer or editor indicate these). Make certain you include relevant dates of employment.
You can name your clients if you would like to. However, there may be times or situations where you aren't able to name your clients. For example, if you wrote content that wasn't attributed to you, such as ghostwriting or the rights to the content were sold, you cannot name the client. This is typically kept reserved. Most clients are more interested in the type of work you have performed and examples of your work or if you have content on the internet.
For those clients that you would like to name, these are more useful in the references section of your resume document.
When you are creating your writer resume document, a chronological resume doesn't appear as great as a functional formatted resume. Whatever format you select for your resume, make certain that you have covered all of your professional attributes and experience. Include any awards or recognition you have received for your work.
Proofreading is a must. Nothing can drop the ball faster than an excellent resume and the client spots a typo for a writer "oops".
Your resume can make or break the job many times. Make it shine. In addition, one client can lead to another and another. There have been many times when I have picked up clients from references from one client to a friend of his that was searching for a freelance writer.
Get that resume prepared and ready to go. You never know when you may need it for the next big job.


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