Calling All Poets!

Another terrific contest has been discovered for the poets. Lulu Poetry is hosting a contest for poetry and awarding over $5000 in cash prizes. If you believe that you have what takes to be the best or simply want to put your talents onstage, this is the platform to make it happen.

Lulu has a Daily, Monthly and Annual poetry contests for poets.

·         They are free to enter

·         Register with Lulu Poems and submit your contest entry through an online form

·         Judges select winners for the contest from among poems that are rated in the Lulu Poetry community

·         No limit to the number of entries you can submit

The prizes aren’t bad either. Winners receive $25 for the daily, $250 for the monthly and $5000 for the annual winner. What’s not to like?  If you could use an extra $5000 for something you enjoy doing, seriously consider looking into this one.
This is the link to land you there. For any readers that do join the site or enter the contests, please come back and share with us.