Are You Interested in Screen Writing as a Freelancer?

Freelance writing for screenwriters is an area that many try to break into but few can actually make a living at. The competition is more than fierce. However, if you do find success, the benefits are limitless.

Screenwriting can be defined as the art and craft of writing scripts for television, film or video games. There are many types of software that have been developed that make screen writing easy for the average writer. The software has been developed to save you time for writing in Hollywood’s format.

The software is designed to help you hone your plot, dialogue and the general screenwriting structure. Screenwriting is sometimes compared to writing the great American novel. However, as many of us have seen formatting a novel for the screen is not always a success.

If you are interested in freelance screen writing these are two tools that can help make you successful in your pursuit.

This is a website that has terrific information for the "would be" screenwriter. The site includes reviews of screenwriter software as well as screenwriter formatting rules and etiquette which will be sure to come in handy.
The best thing about the site is the practical information provided that will help you get your scripts read which in most cases gets you half of the way there.

Lifewrite offers a free writing course for screen writers. The course is great. It’s a nine week course that has been part of the UCLA writing curriculum for years. There are tips and exercises also shared from the site.
These are two great sites to start you on a successful writing journey for freelance screenwriting. Good luck!