Installing a Networked Blog Widget

A couple of people ask about the Networked Blog Widget installed on my site and several others they have visited. The first time I saw one on a website I decided that my first chance, I was going to get one from Facebook and have it installed on my blog.

Visitors to your blog are more likely to use the very easy process of clicking on the Follow link located on the blog widget to follow you instead of the other choices of sign in or follow you may offer.
This widget is wonderful for having your blog followed or to follow a blog on Facebook. It’s fantastic because you may not want another RSS feed in your email inbox, but you want to follow along with blog posts from this blog.

When you sign in and follow the blog on Networked Blog Widget, you are following their posts and other information on the site through your Facebook without an RSS feed in your email inbox.

You can get the code to have one of your own personalized for your website or blog by going to Facebook and having the code created for your site and simply copying and pasting where you want to see it.

One disadvantage of the Networked Blog Widget is that someone can sign up to follow and their picture won’t show up for a couple of hours. In other words, they don’t have real-time processing of your widget. The new follower will eventually show up but it does take time.

This is one of many apps available from Facebook for your website or blog. Any widget or app developed to make sign up and follow for site visitors is welcome.

Wanted to thank Facebook for this particular app and encourage website and blog owners to grab one from Facebook’s site.