Have You Considered Freelance Grant Writing?

Grant writing as a freelancer is a category of writing that can be a wonderful source of income.  Freelance grant writers are in high demand and there are plenty jobs out there if you believe that this is the niche of freelance writing for you.

There are different types and methods of grant writing and getting your foot in the door for this lucrative employment takes work. Clients will want to be assured you comprehend the process of grant writing and writing for funders of grants.

Writing samples of past grants are what your clients are generally searching for. However, if you are just starting out, you may not have that information to share. To be seriously considered for a project typically you need previous work but you can substitute other written content. Prior writing examples that display that you are able to write clearly; to the point and persuasively to be even considered for the grant writing job are needed. However, a freelancer searching for grant writing jobs will need to build a grant portfolio that includes samples of grant proposals to be able to create great revenue.

A grant portfolio is needed to display to clients. Creating one will take ingenuity and work. Many freelance grant writers begin by writing for local nonprofits in their community. Consider something small that doesn’t have a development department. You can develop a grant proposal for a local little league baseball team or your house of worship. Write the grant for the nonprofit to demonstrate your ability to write a grant and development of your portfolio, not necessarily for payment.

Of course when you obtain the grant for your client and build a portfolio of funded grants, you will discover that you are receiving more and more freelance grant employment opportunities.

You can locate a multitude of information on the internet concerning grant writing and proposals as well as funding for grants. A site you may want to research is www.tgci.com (The Grantmanship Center). Research this information and use the all sources available to assure success. A great resource is previous grants that have been written and developed for small nonprofits.

Building your portfolio and setting your fee for grant writing are covered in other articles located on this blog-How to Create a Grant Writing Portfolio and Setting Your Fee for Writing a Grant.