The Etiquette of Leaving Comments on Blogs and Websites

A great way to promote your written content for your articles on line, website or blog is to leave comments on other blogs, forums for your writing niche or websites for freelance writers. With your comments you can leave links to your material you own and would like readers to visit.  This article outlines some information relating to commenting and etiquette for leaving comments.

Leaving comments is something that everyone on the internet visiting blogs, forums or websites performs.  However, did you know that there is an unwritten etiquette to leaving comments? Similar to email etiquette there are things that you do and don’t do. This article points out some of those things for you so you can leave a comment that a moderator won’t throw out.

Show consideration for the comment rules of any blog or website. Obey the rules the owner has created. Consider visiting their site or blog as visiting their house and respect it. Owners typically don’t allow keywords in the URL information or adding affiliate links in the comment body. Please read the blog or site owner rules if listed, so your comments aren’t deleted.

Read their content or information and leave an insightful, well thought out written comment. Don’t have a copy and paste “canned” format that you use for every stop you make on your ventures around the web. No one wants to see this information on their forum or information. Most comments are moderated so they will delete your comment as spam in most cases.

When you have your comment information ready to go, you can add a link if the owner of the site doesn’t advise that you cannot. For example, if you find you may have created material related to articles or blog posts you are commenting on, add a link to this information and word your comment to flow naturally to this material. People will usually click on a link if available and you can get readers to your articles and other info you own such as blogs or sites.

Most commenting pages have a format where you are able to insert your URL address when you leave your comment.  This is great. Along with leaving your URL they may request your email address. Don’t allow this to shy you away from leaving a comment. Leaving a comment with your URL is promoting your information.
There is a great debate that continues as to which is best, follow or no follow links and they both have advantages and disadvantages. Everyone would like to be ranked first in search engine optimization (SEO), but this may not be the case for every comment you leave. It may not be working for you in the direction of your ranking on search engines. On the other hand, it may be functioning to direct more people to visit your sites and articles.

Don’t try to use keywords in your comments. The comment moderator can identify this and again your comment and time will be wasted. Additionally, when you are trying to sound natural leaving a comment you typically cannot use keyword structure.

Don’t use profanity of any kind on comments. Even if you are joking profanity shouldn’t be used. Comments are no place for this sort of language at any time.

Most people are good at heart and if you leave a comment many times they will reciprocate the action and visit your site or blog and leave a comment.

Don’t use all caps, its read as shouting in the conversation.

Don’t comment with negative information. If you can’t say something nice about anyone don’t say anything at all. You cannot believe that you are leaving constructive criticism. The owner of the material will not take the information in that light.

Leave comments but follow the information reflected here. Use good comment etiquette and the act will be reciprocated back. Respect the person’s material because you would want yours respected also.
If you have any questions or comments (remember your etiquette), please leave one here.


  1. Thanks for this post. I thought it was useful. i agree with the advice about being positive, respectful, and not shouting. What do you think about people plugging their own site in comments. What is the etiquette regarding this?

  2. Nice post. There's a lot of peope out there unaware of the proper blogger etiquette. I have gotton rude comments and seen comment wars in other peoples comment. Some people fail to realize a blog is how people express their own personal opinion and that is all it is. No one is going to agree with everyone's personal opinion. So if you don't, then simply just move without being nasty. I'm following from blog frog and look forward to reading your posts. Stop by and visi me at and

  3. thank you for stopping by. will pay you a visit.

  4. i believe if you plug your site in a nice respective tone while leaving a great comment, most web or blog masters will have no problem. however, if you only stop by to advertise, your comment will more than likely be deleted.

  5. this was insightful. very well said. i'm visiting from blogfrog. thank you for following. i'm following you back.


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