Are You Considering Freelance Writing for a Magazine?

Being a magazine writer takes a multitude of writing skills. However, there are two that stand out above all else. You must be able to report and write what you are reporting on to hold the interest of a reader.

Magazine writer is a difficult niche to break into for any freelancer. There are so many freelance writers that want to be in the niche that you are a grain of sand on the beach. This is not to say that you cannot break into the niche because you can. Many freelancers have and been very successful at magazine writing.

When you are a freelance magazine writer you need to have the ability to search out information, identify trends prior to them happening or catching them early on and combine information distinctively and in unique ways that are displayed to the reader making them want to purchase the magazine and read your stories. In addition, the ideal magazine writer is creating content that you cannot find anywhere else.

The ultimate skill to be a great magazine writer is reporting. Great reporting is great research. If you write freelance articles you research but to magazine research you have to increase that research a hundred fold. You are researching anywhere and everywhere.

You are interviewing people for information is a source used for magazine writing. This interview may be via telephone or meeting face to face. If you don’t have the tools to accomplish this task, consider another niche.
Work involved in research can be tedious and boring at times. Imagine reading technical manuals that help you understand background for an article you are reporting on.

You can find yourself reading police reports and magazines daily because you have to, not because you want to. Reading these magazines and reports can allow you to spot tendencies, fads and new developments that are coming out in magazines so you can stay ahead of the pack.

If this brief description of magazine freelance writing appeals to you, forge ahead and develop yourself for this niche. You will find the work rewarding and the income great. However, as with every other niche, you cannot be simply good you need to be great.

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