what types of articles would you consider as fillers?

there are various article types that are considered fillers. these will permit you to share information you may already possess on a specific subject. basically anything that you have an interest in or are knowledgable about. this can add to income for many writers.
there are different story types that qualify as fillers:

1. recipes-everyone has recipes. these could be simple as cookie recipes that your grandma made when you were a child. how about that recipe book that you have as your go to when you are making dinner for the family. usually facts on calories and healthy eats sell well these days but any recipe is good for a filler.

2.games or puzzles-children and adult magazines enjoy recieving these types of written material. they are usually looking for something unique that no one else has provided up to this point. you can take an old game and add a new twist to it and get terrific results.

3.quizzes- as popular as the top ten listings that many authors find sell very well. quizzes are popular with readers. the most sought after are those that make readers laugh or reflect and think on a subject or matter

4. projects-children or adult projects are widely sought after these days. crafts, decorating ideas, even gardening ideas are being looked for from writers. editors are usually responsive to ideas that fit their magazine or audience. pitch the right project to the right editor and you will make the money

5.profiles-childrens books generally search for this type of written content. these articles will sell over and over again depending on what type of profile you are writing about. the most popular television personality, teen singing idol, celebrities that are current and in the news today sell the most and attract the most readers. however, sometimes you can have a political character that is current that can sell just as readily

these are fillers that can be used occasionally to supplement your income. there are some writers that prefer this type of writing to actual article writing.
if you believe that these are things that you can accomplish, go for it!