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How To Make $1000 a Month in 365 Days?
JANUARY 17, 2011 ·

Every online marketers ultimate goal is to make money. Whether they participate in affiliate marketing or blogging the end result is the same, to build a revenue stream. Some revenue streams are passive and others require much more daily interaction. I personally prefer methods that continue to make me money long after I’ve completed the activity. In this piece I will outline a strategy that I know works as I’ve personally used it to secure a passive income stream of $1000 a month.

What you will need

A Google Adsense Account
A Chitika Account
An Amazon Associates Account
An InfoBarrel.com account
What is InfoBarrel?

First and foremost I should probably give you an overview of what InfoBarrel is. InfoBarrel is an up and coming revenue sharing crowd sourced writers community similar to Hubpages and Squidoo. What makes InfoBarrel stand out is the fact that it shares substantially more revenue than other platforms. When you contribute content InfoBarrrel will display your ads (Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon) 75% of the time; sure you don’t have to share any revenue if you make your own site, but chances are you won’t have any where near the search engine authority that InfoBarrel already does. The bottom line is 75% of the impressions on a site that naturally ranks is a heck of a lot more than 100% of the impressions on a site that has no authority.

The Strategy

This strategy is not going to make you rich over night, hell, it will won’t make you rich in a year, but one thing it will do is make you an extra thousand bucks a month with about an hour to two of work a day.

There are no fancy strategies that you need to apply or special techniques that will take you years to learn. All you need to do is stick to the blue print and maintain consistency and you will indeed build an extra income that you can use to pay your rent, your car payment or simply help eliminate debt. If your goal is more money, such as $2000/month, simply double down the work and you should hit your goal within a year.

As I mentioned the strategy is very simple, what you are going to do is pick a number of subjects you are familiar with and write three articles, 500 words or more, and post them to InfoBarrel each and every day. If you do your keyword research you should EASILY be able to make at least $1 per article per month on average. Some articles will obviously make less, and others much more. I’ve written articles that have made as much as $75 per month, but these are definitely a little harder to come by.

The formula is simple 365 days multiplied by 3 articles a day is 1095 articles after a year. If you do everything right, you should be making at least $1095/month.

Extra Tips

1) Choose Long Tail Keywords
By choosing long tail keywords that have between 300 and 1000 searches a month (according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool) and making sure those keywords have less than 2000 allintitle competition, you should ensure that your articles get some traffic via low hanging fruit.

2) Group Keywords Together
Try to build your keywords around niches. It is a lot easier to crank out articles in a hurry if you build articles in niche series. If you have to do research in order to write on a certain subject it is a lot easier to build ten to twenty articles after researching, that to research twenty topics to write twenty articles. We want to be all about efficiency after all.

3) Interlink Articles
If you are grouping your articles together, this will be an easy one. When publishing your articles, make sure you interlink your related articles. If they didn’t find what they were looking for on your first article, maybe they will head to another article of yours and click on an ad.

4) Unique Content
Just a heads up, all content posted to InfoBarrel has to be unique and can not be published elsewhere online. There is an editorial queue to ensure people follow the rules, so make sure you play fair!

While InfoBarrel is only a couple of years old it has already created quite a few success stories. JCMayer 777 and Travis_Aitch have both reached the $1000+ a month club, and there are a number of others who are closing in on these numbers. For more InfoBarrel success stories I suggest checking out the InfoBarrel.com blog.

There are no costs to join, and the web community is very welcoming to everybody. If you are looking for an easy way to start making money online, pop on by today and start building your passive income portfolio today.

Image Credit : lscan