SEO Tools You Can Use for More Keyword Discovery.....

James has enligtened us with more of his words of wisdom. Additional information provided from the discussion group. James Hussey from the has blessed us with more on SEO keyword tools.

Trends for Search
Insights for Search
Suggest (the drop-down suggestions)
Wonder Wheel (to get LSI or latent semantic indexing keywords - those keywords most relevant to the main term, mostly for fun on Wonder Wheel to see the relationships in Google's eyes, but very useful for navigation and site architecture, promotional campaigns and backlinks, as well as content generation)...

Wonder Wheel is in the sidebar under "more search tools" in Google. Of course you can use Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other search engines as well to generate ideas just to mix it all up and find some winners that others may not be targeting in your niche.

(You would just need to create lists and compare them to find the outside-of-Google keywords.)

One last idea is to use SEOQuake on a competitor's website and hit the "Info" button in the SEOQuake toolbar - this will expose a bunch of terms of your competition and possibly give you some more keyword ideas... 

This article provides more detailed information on using SEO Tools to write great articles. Making SEO Work for You