i received this recent email from one of my associates in the freelance writing community and wanted to share with my readers

Hi, I know a lot of us at ehow have been frustrated about the loss of the writers compensation program so I wanted to share a website that was impressive and also offers a similar writers compensation program.

It’s called www.listmyfive.com you basically create any “top five” list that you can think of and get ad revenue share for the lists you create, More lists you create means more money you can make each month. They pay with pay-pal and set-up and publishing is simple. This is the best thing I found sense the dismantle of ehow’s residual income opportunity.

with listmyfive I’ve seen about the same revenue potential as ehow, so I thought I would share that site with fellow frustrated ehow writers... hope this helps.
here is there video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWjyHFRZyqM
and Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/List-My-Five/149221905097302
Homepage www.listmyfive.com


  1. Thank you for pointing me towards this site. Can you give me a referral link if you have one?

    -Vopskie at triond

  2. Vopskie
    unfortunately, i dont have one. i am smcopywrite on the site. i didnt find a link for referrals. when i signed up i didnt see one. however, this is the link that goes to my home page. sign up for my website. you wont be disappointed by my posts. i promise you! i have some exciting ones coming up.


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