this is a wonderful website with terrific information for freelance writers. i wanted to share this particular section that has emphasis for writers that want to be writing for a particular niche.

Targeting Specific Markets
Break Into the Religious Market With a Devotion - Tatiana Claudy
Going Green: Green Markets, Green Topics - Wenona Napolitano
Family History/Genealogy:
Writing for Family History Magazines - Rosemary Bennett
Here's to (Writing About) Your Health! - Jenna Glatzer
Writing about Diet, Nutrition and Food - Kelly James-Enger
Writing for US and UK Health Publications - Rachel Newcombe
Making Your Future Out of the Past: How to Break into the Burgeoning History Market - Sean McLachlan
Local History: A Lucrative Niche Market - Patricia Fry
People and Steeples: Writing Church Histories - Wendy Hobday Haugh
Writing Comic Books - Barry Lyga
Writing for the Gaming Industry - Melissa Brewer
Lights, Camera, Action! How to Get Paid to Write About Motion Pictures - Paul Armentano
Five Steps to Writing Great Quizzes - Kelly James-Enger
Writing for the Music Market - C.J. Chilvers
Writing for Music Magazines - Ruth McHaney Danner
Personal Experiences:
Fifteen Paying Markets for Personal Essays and Life Stories - Chryselle D'Silva Dias
How to Turn "First Experiences" into "First Sales" - Moira Allen
Mastering the Personal Experience Article - Deborah Newton
Writing (and Selling) Personal Experience Articles - Moira Allen
How to Write for Pet Magazines - Moira Allen
Writing for Pet Markets: An Interview with Moira Allen - Kelly Milner
List of Paying Pet Markets - Moira Allen
Crafting the Perfect Profile - John Rains
Procedures, Perks and Pitfalls of Profile Writing - Shirley Byers Lalonde
Six Tips for Writing Celebrity Profiles - Kayleen Reusser
Writing Mini-Profiles for Maximium Profit - Lisa Beamer
State Magazines: Ten Tips for Landing Great Features in Your Home Area - Sean McLachlan
Increase Your Income by Writing Close to Home - Patricia Fry
Teaching Writing Online - Moira Allen
Tips on Conducting a Successful Workshop - Moira Allen
Tips on Teaching Creative Writing - Shirley Kawa-Jump
The Business of In-flights - Tim Lehnert
Bylines from Near and Far: Travel Writing in 2009-2010 - Myrna Oakley
Do's and Don'ts of Travel Writing - Jennifer Stewart
How to Organize Sponsored Travel - Susan Miles
How Writers Can Score Press Trips, by Roy A. Barnes
Looking for Travel Sidebars - Jack Adler
To Job or Not To Job: A Writer's Question - Antonio Graceffo
Tourism Authorities: The Travel Writer's Best Friend - Susan Miles
Travel that Pays - Kayleen Reusser
The Untraveled Travel Writer - Isabel Viana
What's a Press Trip? A Travel-Writing FAQ - Kathryn Lemmon
Writing Opportunities on the Road - Susan Miles
Writing the World: Ten Tips to Breaking into the Guidebook Market, by Sean McLachlan

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